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[[DES_1]]On Monday morning, Xavi Hernández attended the presentation of his soccer camp in Cairo (Egypt) from December 19 to 23, and used the press conference to comment on several matters of concern to the first team. Describing the way the team is playing this season, he said that “Luis Enrique’s trademark is to play well and win, that’s the philosophy at Barça. It’s the same style with a few changes, but the philosophy hasn’t changed at all.”

He admits that the team was far from its best in Almeria, explaining that “we would like to be at our best in every game and for that to happen as soon as possible … But we started the season with a new manager and new players. All the same, we are going about things the right way.”

Luis Enrique’s trademark is to play well and win
Xavi is used to all kinds of situations at Barça, stating that “there will always be criticism. It may not have been an excellent Barça that we saw on Saturday, but we are humble enough to be self-critical. B+ is not a good enough grade at Barça. We need nothing less than straight As”.

On a personal level, Xavi is glad to say that “I feel important and useful to the team.” There have been games he’s sat out this season, but far from feeling resentful, the midfielder insists that “Luis Enrique has been honest with me. He has shown his face and hasn’t lied to me.”

Xavi promises the best of FC Barcelona por fcbarcelona

Transfering Barça's values to Egypt

After holding his soccer camp in Catalonia for several years, this year Xavi has decided to open up to the rest of the world and is transferring it to Egypt in late December. “It is a fantastic opportunity” he says. “It’s an honour that the Egyptian people thought of us and invited us to transfer to them the values that we learn at Barça.”

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