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Xavi Hernández, Andrés Iniesta and Sergio Busquets are clear about one thing: “It will be difficult but we are going into the final with all the excitement in the world.” The three Barça captains each have made that point clear in a press conference for the FC Barcelona Open Media Day ahead of the Champions League final. Iniesta stated “it would be a mistake to consider ourselves favourites,” even though he admitted that “we are feeling good and we are where we need to be so we have a good chance.”

Similarly, Sergio Busquets added “we hope to win the Champions League with our philosophy,” whilst Xavi assured the expectant press “the season is really good, but it could be excellent.” “We want to record an historic season and we will try to do it. We come into the game in good shape,” revealed Xavi, who is looking to say goodbye to the Club in the best possible way: “For me it will be an extraordinary game. I would never have imagined the end of my career this way. It will be a privilege to win the fifth [Champions League].”

Furthermore, the three blaugrana captains touched on other topics detailed below:

Xavi Hernández

“The Champions League campaign which is my favourite is the one in Rome - that allowed me to make up for not having played in Paris [in 2006]. This one is special as well because it is the end for me as a blaugrana and I want to end my career with a trophy.”

“Luis Enrique has been a very good leader for the team and we have worked really well, he has surpassed himself.”

“We like to win and be in the limelight. The fact that we are so competitive is because of how we have been taught.”

Andrés Iniesta

“I hope to be fit enough to play.”

“We will try to make that image of Xavi lifting up the Cup happen. It is a motivating factor for a match that does not really need it.”

“We will have to watch Pirlo. He is a quality player. In any case, for me, between Pirlo and Xavi, my team mate is the number one.”

Sergio Busquets

“The game will be tough because it is the Champions League final and both Juventus and ourselves know how hard it is to get here. It will be hard but we will give it everything.”

“We hope to win the battle in midfield. They are a different type of team.”

“Juventus have some important players such as Arturo Vidal who is a very complete player. We will try to be better than him.”

Xavi looking to be privileged to add a fifth... por fcbarcelona
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