Xavi Hernández says team missed a shot at three points / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

Xavi Hernández spoke to the press at Anoeta after Barça's 1-0 defeat to Real Sociedad. The team captain had this to say: "The ball just didn't want to go in. We had all the chances and missed some very big ones. We started off on the wrong foot; the own goal was a killer. But we did play well despite the loss. He also lauded their rival: "Real Sociedad played a good game, especially defensively."

Xavi also regretted that Barça were unable to take advantage of Real Madrid's loss to Valencia. "It's a missed opportunity," he said.

Postgame comments from other players


“We had a shot to get closer to Real Madrid and it's a shame because the own goal was early and we had time to turn things around. We controlled the match for the most part."

“The only thing we didn't do was score. The team played well, good rhythm, we passed well, we just couldn't finish."

“In past years the long balls really hurt us, but it could have been worse today."

“We want to play well this month because we have a lot of games. We play every third or fourth day so we have to look at our pluses and fix our minuses."

Iniesta and Sergio reaction to defeat at Anoeta by fcbarcelona


We’re a bit down not just because Real Madrid lost but because we wanted to start the year off with a win. Now we need to take a look in the mirror, and keep on moving.”

“It’s tough to get going when you’re losing from the outset. The other team sits back and it’s difficult to get things going when they play like that.”

“We don’t lose much, but here it’s always hard for us. Hopefully we can change that for next season.”

“It’s not easy to say now, but we still have to play the Spanish Cup, the rest of La Liga and then we’ve got the Champions League. We need to get better.”

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