Mascherano in the press conference on Monday / MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB

Only 90 minutes separate FC Barcelona from another Champions League final. The game against Bayern Munich is creating enormous expectation for the blaugrana side given the prize is a ticket to the final in Berlin. “The prize is a great one: to play in the Champions League final” admitted Javier Mascherano, assuring everyone “we will do what we have to get there.”

In the pre-game press conference on Tuesday, Mascherano also touched on the following topics:

The prize

“We are playing to achieve our objectives and defend the honour of a club like FC Barcelona. The game tomorrow is very exciting for us, the excitement of being able to play in a Champions League final. For a footballer, it is one of the most important games you can play in.”

“A final in Europe is one of the most important games you can play in, as is this semi-final. You are playing against world class players. They are the kind of games that you dream about playing in as a kid. In my case, I try to enjoy it and experience it with intensity. You never know when it’s going to happen again.”

The approach

“For our way of understanding football, we have to go after the game and the win. If we try and change, we will be mistaken. We will be true to our style.”

“We will do what we have done all year, taking into account the quality of our rivals, but looking to score.”

“A game is full of things that you can’t predict. In order not to put the tie at risk, we have to be ourselves. We only know how to play one way.”


“We know the coach of the club very well and we are going to experience first hand their stadium. We are not complacent about what could happen. Bayern is a club with a lot of history. We know we have the tools to find a win.”


“It’s good that people are excited, that means we are doing our job on the field. Obviously, in the group, we analyse things in a different way. We know it will be a tough test and to get to Berlin we will have to do everything almost perfectly.”

We have to be perfect to get to the final... por fcbarcelona
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