Neymar scored twice in the 5-0 win over Elche / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

[[DES_1]] FC Barcelona’s Neymar was mightily pleased with the way things went for the team against Elche. “I think we played well” he said afterwards. We started well, got lots of goals and I think we’ll qualify for the next round … I was very happy with my goals and to have been able to help the team.”

Leo Messi and Luis Suárez also found the target on Thursday night. “I’m pleased for all three of us” said the Brazilian. “I hope our next match goes well for us too”.

Here’s a round-up of other comments made by the players after the 5-0 win:

Sergi Roberto

“We haven’t finished the job yet but I think we can feel relaxed about the second leg. But most of all, now we have to think about the game with Atlético Madrid, because it’s a very important one for us”.

“We try not to be distracted by external affairs. We have only thought about Elche and now we’ll think about Atlético. We have no time to think other about things that are of no concern to our team”.

“We’re in a positive mood. The team is playing well, intensely. We got it right in the first half by scoring three goals. The team played very well and we have to carry on like this”.

“All players like to play as much as possible. I know my situation is difficult but I’m training as hard as I can to get more chances like I did this Thursday”.

“The day I made my debut at the Santiago Bernabéu when I was a youth player was very special for me. Your team is Barça B and it is just a dream to be able to play with the best. And when you do make the first team, you want to be as ambitious as you can”.

“We are very united and Messi is the best player in the world. This wouldn’t be the same without the Argentinian. We have half a season to go and we have to do all we can to get as many titles as possible”.

“The team needs to stick together and not feel affected by what is happening around us. As long as the people support us and we feel united, then we’ll be able to get through this season”.

“Not being able to sign new players next year might benefit us because the squad will stay the same as it is. And it’s motivation to do even better because you know that nobody else can come along and take your place”.

“With the squad we have, we are quite capable of getting through this season and the one after it”.

Sergi Roberto sits down with ‘El Marcador... by fcbarcelona

 Marc Bartra

“It was an important win, especially with all that was going on at the club. But the team stayed out of all of that and just concentrated on playing our game”.

“The crowd wasn’t as big as usual, but we try to do the same whatever happens. Now we just have to start thinking about the next match, which is the most important matter for us”.

“Leo Messi has given everything for Barça and the club has done everything for him. It is important for him to be at ease with the fans and for the fans to be happy with Messi.”

“We have to learn not to let anything destabilise us. We know we play for a team where news stories get blown out of proportion and we just have to keep rowing in the same direction. That’s how we’ll win matches”.

“Good professionals shouldn’t let things happening around them get to them. We know there are non-sporting issues going on, but we just have to keep our heads up”.

Jordi Alba

“Luis Enrique has already said that everything is fine among the players. What we say in the dressing room stays in the dressing room. Whether that means Leo or any other player”.

“Thanks to the unity we have always had at Barça, this will just make us stronger. I respect all opinions, but I do think we all need to stick together”.

Friday training

The team will get straight back to work on Friday morning at 11.0am (CET), when a training session has been scheduled behind closed doors at the Ciutat Esportiva.

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