Barça celebrating victory at full time against Real Madrid / FCB

Following a lively weekend in La Liga, the situation at the top of the table is as follows: Barça (68) are four points clear at the top, followed by Real Madrid (64). Valencia (60) have moved up to third, ahead of current champions Atlético Madrid (59). Sevilla are still hanging on in there with 55 points but it does look like the championship race is going to be fought by the top four teams. Here’s a look at the ten games each of them has left to play:


Week 29
Celta Granada Villarreal Cordoba
Week 30 Almeria Rayo Athletic Club R. Sociedad
Week 31 Sevilla Eibar Levante Malaga
Week 32 Valencia Malaga Barça Deportivo
Week 33
Espanyol Celta Granada Elche
Week 34
Getafe Almeria Rayo Villarreal
Week 35
Cordoba Sevilla Eibar Athletic Club
Week 36
R.Sociedad Valencia R.Madrid Levante
Week 37
Atlético Madrid Espanyol Celta Barça
Week 38
Deportivo Getafe Almeria Granada

*Home team in bold type.

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