Sergi Roberto spoke to the media on Monday morning. PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB.

Sergi Roberto has now spent his first week in the first team under manager Luis Enrique and says “a new coach makes you keen to train. We’re all starting from zero. We all have to give it one hundred per cent. And the youngsters a little bit more”. 

He already knows what it’s like to work for Luis Enrique after spending two years under him in the reserves, and reckons that back then “he was vital for me. But now we’re in the first team, with even better quality players. I have to show that he can trust me like he did back then … Luis Enrique knows the reserves. We have signed players from other clubs out of necessity, but the philosophy is still the same”.

First captain of the season

“I know what he wants from me” he continues. “For me to be focused, to get to one hundred per cent and to put effort into training hard.” He played as central midfielder in the first game against Huelva, and commented that “it was something new for me, but I just want to help the team as much as I can. And it was an honour to wear the captain’s armband. But the most important thing was winning and getting into our playing rhythm”.

Sergi Roberto is looking forward to his second season in the first team. On his first, he reflects that “it was tough because I didn’t get many games. But at the same time I learned a lot. Nothing in life is easy.”

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