Luis Enrique made key changes that sparked Saturday's second-half comeback PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB.

Luis Enrique was honest after his side dramatically came back in the second half to beat Almeria on Saturday afternoon. "This was our worst game of the season." He assured, however, that "the best thing about this game is the result and how we were able to finish. We've got a lot to work on."

Ambition and attitude

He talked about what he saw out on the pitch. He explained that "during the first half, we didn't know how to stop Almería. They stayed back looking for the counter. They scored and that shined a light on our play and our inability to find the net." But things changed after the break with goals from Neymar and Jordi Alba. "We came back more due to ambition and attitude than our play," he admitted.

"It doesn't hide our mistakes," he said. He regretted the "continuous lack of precision" in midfield. But, with three points in the bag, he reminded everyone that "to be successful, you have to win games when you play badly, like today. Strength is key."

Luis Enrique: "The best thing about the game... por fcbarcelona
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