Ivan Rakitic says the team need to keep their head up / PHOTO: VICTOR SALGADO - FCB

Ivan Rakitic was critical after the loss to Celta, but not overly dramatic. “Sometimes the ball won't go in, but that's nothing to get down about, we just have to keep working hard, see what happened, and get better."

About the back-to-back losses: “Keep our heads up, work hard, and surely the ball will start to go in."

Barça's next match is versus Ajax in Amsterdam, and Rakitic has no doubt about how they'll approach it. "We always play to win."

Declarations from other players:

Javier Mascherano:

“It was a bad match, we didn't play our game, and it's worrying.”

“The other side were good. If you want to play in a team like this, you've got to keep fighting. Life moves on, we've got to believe in ourselves."

“This game was different, we could have tied, but the reality is we didn't play well."

“It's a long season, the team are good, we have to believe, and we know that others want us to think everything is going poorly, but we still believe we can do it."

Dani Alves:

“The game was crazy, we had lots of chances to score, but their keeper was great, plus the woodwork. We have to keep on moving."

“We're not worried, there are tough moments throughout the season, and that's when we are with our teammates more than ever."

“We only worry about us, not the other teams. We have to fix ours and keep going."

“I didn't play well, sometimes I was well positioned, but on their fast counter attacks, not so much. In general, not good."


Post match reaction: Ivan Rakitic by fcbarcelona
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