Martí Perarnau's 'Herr Pep' was unveiled in Barcelona on Thursday / PHOTO: VÍCTOR SALGADO - FCB

The first year spent in Germany by Pep Guardiola, former FC Barcelona manager and now at Bayern Munich, is the theme of a new book by Martí Perarnau titled ‘Herr Pep’, which was presented today Thursday at the Forum FNAC in the l’Illa Diagonal shopping mall in Barcelona, and which was packed with people from the press and fans in general.

Perarnau revealed several anecdotes about the charismatic former Barça player and manager, who he quoted as saying that “the four years I spent at Barça were awesome.”

“I have learned a lot while spending twelve months writing this” said the Moscow Olympian, who also thanked Paco Seirul·lo, a member of the sports management team at FCB “for all that he taught me.” The outcome is a book that provides a fascinating insight into the way professional football works” he added. “It’s literally a narration of what Guardiola did as a coach in German football.”

FC Barcelona was institutionally represented at the event by Manel Arroyo, vice-president of the Media and Communication Department, and Joan Vilà, of the Sports Department.

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