Neymar Jr celebrates after Leo Messi scored Barça's second / MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

Barça are closer than ever to Berlin after a grandiose 3-0 win over Bayern Munich. Speaking afterwards, goalscorer Neymar said that: “the result gives a big lead, but it’s not definitive. We have to stay humble and calm – there are still 90 minutes left”.

On his team-mate Leo Messi he added that “it’s impossible to beat him. He is the best and I am always at his side to learn from him. It was a great game because both sides know how to play football.”

Andrés Iniesta

“We tried to control the ball, but we knew they’d want it too. Our effectiveness in the last few minutes is what decided the game”.

“Leo Messi does things that nobody else does. We are lucky to be able to enjoy having him … I take my hat off to him once again. He makes us happy”.

“We know what football is like. This is a semi-final against Bayern. Nothing has been decided yet because there are still 90 minutes to go and we’ll have to get things very right in Munich if we want to play the final”.

“We shouldn’t start thinking that nobody can beat us. We have to keep doing this, because if we stop, there are other very good teams and when you least expect it they can beat you”.

Players' post match reaction to first leg win... por fcbarcelona

Gerard Piqué

“We had a sensational game. We were great in defence and created lots of chances up front. In the second, we got them on the counter attack and it worked for us”.

“We didn’t feel that uncomfortable without the ball. Bayern are a great team and we knew there would be times when we’d have the ball and that we’d need to use the counter attack”.

“When Messi is inspired, nobody can stop him. His second goal was incredible. It’s a pleasure to have him with us”.

Sergio Busquets

“It was fast, intense game and they man-marked us. It really was a physical game and we got a good result to set us up for the return leg”.

“We knew we’d have our chances. We had confidence in ourselves. We now know that if we get a goal in Munich then we’ll be in a great position. We’ll go to the Allianz Arena like any other game – looking to win”.

“Even though everyone says we’re the favourites, we’ll go step by step because Bayern will know how to cause us problems at home, especially with the manager they’ve got”.

“Having Messi in the team guarantees everything. He doesn’t just score goals, he gives assists, he works and wins the ball. He’s the best player in the world”.

“Pep coming back? It’s hard to forget all that he did for me. It brought back very nice memories. I owe a lot to him. He’s very special”.

Sergio Busquets on Barça TV's 'El Marcador' por fcbarcelona

Jordi Alba

“3-0 gives us a lot of confidence against a very strong opponent”.

“We didn’t think once about two years ago. That was another circumstance and today we have shown once again how united we are”.

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