Neymar and Gerard Piqué were representing the club in Doha / PHOTO: FCB

Neymar and Gerard Piqué were in Doha for the presentation of the new advert. PHOTO: FCB

Gerard Piqué and Neymar answered questions about the team's current situation at the presentation in Doha of the new advert for Qatar Airways. “We have been in good shape for the last seven or eight matches” said the centre-back. “We are in winning form in the league and the cup, and that’s generating high hopes and confidence.”

“With the Champions League is coming up, the fixture list is going to be tough" he continued "But we are looking forward to it and I think we have the chance to do something big this season. We just have to keep the same level, keep getting results and get through the semi-finals of the Cup. And in the league, we need to try to put pressure on [Real] Madrid, the leaders, so they drop points. We have to keep picking up three points.”

It’s easy playing alongside Messi. He’s a hero. And our understanding on the field is getter better and better

Neymar also commented on how happy he is with the team’s good form, and also that of his strike partner Leo Messi: “It’s easy playing alongside him” said the Brazilian. “He’s a hero. And our understanding on the field is getter better and better.”

Piqué was also asked about more institutional matters at FC Barcelona, to which he replied that “I know that the more stable the club is, the better it is for everyone. We have a responsibility and we know that if we get good results as a team then that will make life better for the club as a whole.”

Piqué says team are high on confidence by fcbarcelona

Faus defends management

The first vice president of FC Barcelona, Javier Faus, also spoke at the Qatar Airways video presentation in Doha. On Wednesday’s cancelled match, he wished to point out that “Qatar fully understood that, in sporting terms, it was not the best time to play a friendly and I thank them for being so understanding about the matter.”

He went on to defend way that the club has been managed under the present board. “We are very happy with what the team has achieved over the last five years, and also with its financial condition” he said, before going on to describe how the club has managed to resolve what he called a ‘delicate’ economic situation, and made a general call for calm, promising that “the truth about these matters will come out in the end.”

“We have been the world’s leading club for the last ten years thanks to various presidents, coaches and players” he concluded. “When you are so successful, it is only normal for there to be things that people don’t like.”

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