Gerard Piqué, contestant els seus seguidors de Facebook / MIGUEL RUIZ

Gerard Piqué has taken part this Thursday in a Q&A session with the followers from his Facebook page. The Barça defender answered some thirty questions from fans from all over the world. “I think we can do great things this season,” he wrote about his immediate hopes for the campaign.

There were questions of all types. One example: “Which is your favourite goal that you have scored? ”A smiling Piqué did not have to think too long before answering: “My favourite is from the 6-2 win in the Bernabéu.” He also revealed to a curious fan which defender whom he had played alongside had impressed him most. “Rio Ferdinand and Puyol,” answered the current Barça centre back. Piqué continued to admit that the most difficult strikers he had played against were Cristiano Ronaldo and Didier Drogba. With regards to the best players he has ever played with, there was no room for discussion: “Leo Messi.”

“My best moment at Barça was winning the treble,” confessed Piqué. To the question from his fans about who were his heroes growing up, he answered “Stoichkov and Koeman.” What sports would he liked to have dedicated himself to if he were not a footballer?: “Basketball and tennis.”

“I like it and it is important”

When the session was over, Piqué explained how the experience had been for him. One of the things that surprised him was the curiosity of his Facebook fans; he was clear about its relevance: “I like it and it is important to be connected to the fans. You have to give them special treatment.”

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