Leo Messi and Neymar celebrate one of the goals in Barça's 3-1 win over Atlético Madrid on Sunday night at Camp Nou. / PHOTO: VICTOR SALGADO - FCB

It was a vibrant night that was full of emotions. One in which Barça scored a big 3–1 victory with all the scoring coming from the team's three-headed monster of Leo Messi, Neymar, and Luís Suárez. It was Neymar who opened the scoring, and he talked a little about the win after the match: "I am very happy with how we played. This win is for everybody."

Neymar shot down any and all rumours surrounding the team's chemistry in the dressing room. “We need to focus, there aren't any problems off the field."

Declarations from Luis Suárez, Javier Mascherano and Andrés Iniesta:


"A win like this against Atlético makes us stronger; it's good for our self-esteem. The most important things is that we won."

"We know that in these kinds of games we have to outrun the other team. We were great in the first half, and in the second they recovered a little, but in the end our hard work paid off."

"The truth is that my relationship with Messi and Neymar is spectacular, we get along really well, both on and off the field, and the same with the rest of our teammates."


"I think we played a great game against a strong rival that makes you compete to the maximum. I don't know what people out there are saying about us, but these are three very important points."

"Scoring first allowed us to relax."

"Beating Atlético Madrid is great, but next week we have to win again or these three points are meaningless."

"Everything that was in the media this week was a complete fabrication, all falsehoods."

"I think it's important to keep winning, whoever has to play so we can win games. We're the ones out there defending the shield so we have to look out for ourselves."

Mascherano: This game is a turning point por fcbarcelona


"I personally have not seen or heard a lot of the things that have been said. It's been a while since we've had a victory like this one."

"I think the coach is the boss, he's our beacon of light that controls everything and he only wants what's best for the team."

"There hasn't been any meeting between the captains. We're always talking about a lot of different things, so we only sit down when we need to. I hope the win will help keep the conversation on football."

Next training session

The team will be back at training on Tuesday January 13th at 11.00am (CET) at the Ciutat Esportiva. Afterwards, Sergio Busquets will appear at the press conference.

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