Neymar during the press conference / MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB

[[DES_1]]He has scored 19 goals in 24 games and is feeling more comfortable than ever at FC Barcelona. Speaking at today’s presentation of the Baruel agreement, Brazilian striker Neymar said that “this is my best moment at Barça. I am getting better all the time but there is still a lot left for me to do here. I want titles and many other things … I am very happy with my season and hope to continue like this.”

“I feel important here” he continued. “I think all players need to feel that way. When you score you feel much better with yourself. This is my second season here and I feel great both on and off the pitch.”

He also admits that took him some time to settle in at his new club. “I had to learn about everything in my first season. A new language, a new country, a new culture … In a year and a half I have matured both personally and professionally. I have learned from the players around me and it is a pleasure to be able to train with them”.I have matured both personally and professionally
Neymar has developed a wonderful understanding with Argentinian team-mate Leo Messi. “We are feeling better and better together” he explained. “If you have a good relationship off the field then you have a good relationship on it. It’s much easier playing next to the best players in the world.”

So, is the Messi/Suárez/Neymar ‘trident’ the best in the world? The Brazilian was far too modest to answer a question like that, but did wink that “we so seem to be causing a lot of problems for opposing defences!”

And does he have any words of advice for Luis Suárez, who perhaps hasn’t quite managed to reproduce the same kind of goalscoring form as he did at Liverpool? “Me give advice to him?” he laughed. “He’s older and more experienced than I am. It is Suárez who should give advice to me. Anyway, he helps us, with goals, with passes, with everything. It is an honour to play with him."

Neymar Jr: My best moment at Barça por fcbarcelona

Nobody for sale

The vice-president for economy, Javier Faus, who also spoke at the conference, refused to discuss a possible extension of Neymar’s contract, saying that it was not his position to issue statements in that regard. But he did make it clear that “no Barça stars are up for sale.”

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