Leo Messi somirent després de marcar el segon gol del Barça

Leo Messi scored the second goal against Ajax / PHOTO: GERMAN PARGA - FCB

[[DES_1]]After beating Ajax 3-1, Leo Messi commented that “we could have scored more goals to sentence the game. After that, things got a bit more difficult, but this is the Champions League against strong teams.” As for the substitution, he wished to clear up that “a lot has been said these last few days but Luis Enrique is the manager and can take off whoever he wants”.

Luis Suárez ready to go

Luis Suárez will be free to play in the clásico and Leo Messi says that “we’re all looking forward to him, he’s an incredible forward and he’ll help the team in attack … I am very happy to have him here with us because he’s gone through a difficult time without being able to play in any matches”.

No thoughts for Zarra

As for breaking Zarra’s record “that’s the least important matter. The important thing is to play well, and hopefully win … There is a lot of league left to play but we’ll try to win and play the best we can”.

Neymar also spoke to the press, saying “I’m very happy with the way the team played. We played good football and it was a great win. We are doing the best we can for this team”.

Andrés Iniesta added that “Barça had a great game. We needed this win after losing in Paris … Ajax pushed forward more in the second half. They created more danger and we found it harder to keep the ball. But luckily we were able to sentence the match with the third goal”.

Along similar lines, Ivan Rakitic offered that “the team couldn’t quite control the ball in the second half, but other than the goal there was no other danger in our area … We are doing things right and working hard to get better … We can feel proud of ourselves”.

And Bartra admitted that “in the second half we had to run more because they were playing better, but we managed to win through in the end”.

Next challenge, the Bernabéu

Iniesta does not think the team was distracted tonight because of the game at the Santiago Bernabéu for “the most important thing was today’s game, where we desperately needed the three points”.

But turning to Saturday, Rakitic said “we’ll try to play the best we can. We’ll try to go out strong. We’re ready for it, we want to do well and win”.

As Pedro added “we’re going into the game in fine form. We are all hoping for a great game”.

Finally, Marc Bartra agreed that “both teams are arriving in excellent form. We can feel pleased with the way things are going. We’ll try to play our best football at the Santiago Bernabéu and come away with the win”.

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Work on Wedneday

The team will train on Wednesday morning at 11.00 AM CET behind closed doors.

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