Mathieu on the Barça TV programme 'El Marcador' / MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB

Jérémy Mathieu is wary of underestimating Villarreal ahead of the Cup semi-final second leg and speaking to the Barça TV programme ‘El Marcador’ on Wednesday night, he insisted: “Villarreal have a good team and they are very strong collectively. We showed great patience today”.

It was a real clash of styles at the Camp Nou and Mathieu explained: “we have to be careful about their counter attacks and keep our wits about us in the return game. That’s the way with most of the teams we face – they defend deep and try and hit us on the break”.

Reflecting on his own progress since joining the Club, Mathieu revealed: “I’ve felt very comfortable since I started here. I did lose a bit of confidence for a while, but I try to give 100% in training. I’ve had a bad moment or two, but now I am back at my best and very happy about how I performed against Villarreal”.

Jérémy Mathieu statements on Barça TV by fcbarcelona
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