Mascherano thinks Argentina have to maintain possession to win in the Copa América. / MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

"We will try to control the game. We have shown that the best way to do that is to have possession," said Javier Mascherano at a press conference before Friday's match against Colombia. Mascherano, along with Leo Messi, is one of the keys to success for Argentina. "We have a strategy and try to carry it out. There are rivals who give you possession and you have to find a way to attack them, and there are others that make that tough. I think Colombia will try to provoke us, maybe by pressing upfield, but surely they will not let us play comfortably," the Barça midfielder explained.

Falcao dangerous

Although he is not in top form, Radamel Falcao remains one of the most dangerous strikers in the tournament, a fact that was highlighted by Mascherano. "Falcao is the best forwards you can find and it's just a matter of time until he really shows up."

Different football

Rough play and contact have been in the spotlight in this year's Copa América, but for Mascherano and Argentina this is not uncharted territory. "The South American game is played differently, more contact is allowed. We grew up with this style of play and we are used to it, so we have to readapt and not let up at any time," he said.

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