Javier Mascherano knows he needs to put the World Cup defeat behind him / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

Javier Mascherano gave a press conference after this morning’s training session, in which he discussed various issues from his life as an Argentina and Barça player, and his personal and collective expectations for the season ahead. Here we pick out ten of his more interesting statements:

  1. “You always feel reinvigorated when a new season starts. The club has made a huge effort and we’ve brought in several new players that’ll make us stronger”.

  1. “In a job like this you have good times and bad, like the World Cup Final. I’ll never get that defeat out of my head but life goes on and you have to face new challenges and goals. If you are at a big club like this, you can’t dwell on the past”.

  1. “The FIFA sanction is too delicate a matter for me to pass comment. But personally I will say that the club works hard for the kids at La Masia and cares for them well”.

  1. “It is comforting to hear the manager speak well of you. I have to respond to that belief in training to make sure Luis Enrique doesn’t change his mind”.

  1. “At the end of the last season, I told the club that if they didn’t think I was good enough to be here, then I’d have no problem leaving. But the club feels that there is still a lot I can offer to this team”.

  1. “It is our duty to fight in all competitions and get as far as we can”.

  1. Messi seems fine to me. He’s looking forward to this season as much as any other. People were being unfair when they criticised him. It’s a shame that they criticise the person who wins and award and not the people that award it”.

  1. Martino was an honest manager who knows the football world well. I hope the Argentina national team continues doing well, but obviously with his personal touches”.

  1. Luis Suárez looks fine to me. I’ve always liked him as a player, especially because of the way he lives football. I identify with him because of the way we both play this sport”.

  1. “There are a lot of players in the B team with a grand future ahead of them. Now it’s up to them – they need to be patient and stay strong”.  


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