Ter Stegen during the macth against Villarreal / MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB

Blaugrana keeper Marc-André ter Stegen feels Barça have a great chance to make it to the Spanish Cup final following the side's 3-1 victory over Villarreal. The German was self critical after the match in Camp Nou, taking responsibility for Manu Trigueros' second half strike whilst praising the team's all round performance.

On the victory; "I am very happy about the result we have picked up in the first leg, We will see what will happen in the second leg. I think we have a good opportunity, we had a good chance today and we took it and won so we hope we can continue on to the final."

On conceding a goal at home: "The goal against us is not that good, but we won 3-1 so everything is still possible.

On his own performance: "I always want to do my best for the team. It was good in the first half, but then [in the second] I made a mistake. I could see the ball, the trajectory but it was moving and it was difficult to see where it was going, but it was my mistake."

Marc André ter Stegen: We have a good... por fcbarcelona
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