Luis Suárez at the press conference at the Amsterdam Arena / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

He made his debut in the Bernabéu and he played against Celta; he created Neymar’s goal against Real Madrid and he worked tirelessly against the Galicians. Little by little Luis Suárez is finding his feet at FC Barcelona. Now it is time to turn attentions to the Champions’ League – against no other than Ajax, the team with whom he made his debut in the competition. “I feel good, looking forward to playing and is always the case for professionals. This game brings back good memories.”

In his appearance before the press in Amsterdam ahead of European debut for Barça, the Uruguayan looked back on the importance of his time with the Dutch club. “I have made it clear on several occasions that my time at Ajax was the best thing I could have done in my career,” he revealed. “It taught me to grow and it gave me a lot from a footballing perspective. It gave me the chance to play in the Champions’ League. When I was there I said it was my dream to play for Barça and now those circumstances have come about.”

When I was at Ajax I said that it was my dream to play at Barça

The Barça number ‘9’ cleared up any doubts about the additional pressure of returning to European competition against his former team. “At Barça we are always obliged to win, but I look at this game like any other, even though it is important because we have to keep fighting to qualify, even more so after two defeats.” Now it is time to show “we are capable of turning the situation around.”


Amongst the many positives of playing at the club of his “dreams”, he highlighted playing with Leo Messi: “the best player in the world”, according to the Uruguayan. “It’s a source of great pride to have the unique opportunity to play with him,” he said. And not just with Messi, with “any of my team mates, because you can learn from all of them; all the players have that understanding.”

Luis Suárez: "This game brings back good memories" por fcbarcelona
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