Luis Suárez was speaking to Barça TV. PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

Luis Suárez is one of the new faces in the Barça 2014/15 squad. After his arrival and presentation to the fans and media, we are now able to listen to the Uruguayan speak on the 'Benvingut Suárez' show that will be screened on Barça TV at 8.15 PM CET on Thursday and once again at 11.15 OM CET.

In his first interview since the transfer to FCB, Suárez has spoken about the amazing welcome he has received. “It’s a reward that helps me to continue training each day so I can return that favour on the pitch” said the man who’ll be wearing number nine this season. He doesn’t consider himself “a static striker, but quite the opposite. I have played in all of the different positions in attack. I’m not a striker that sticks to any set position”. I’m not a striker that sticks to any set position

The Uruguayan, who is now training with the first team and got his first taste of match action at the Joan Gamper Trophy, has put the days when he was unable to train behind him. It was a long wait, and a strange period for him, but “the outcome is that I am now able to train again. I feel like a footballer, I can be with my team-mates and be with them on a day to day basis.”

His special relationship with Barcelona and Catalonia was already well known. Not only does he have family ties here, but he admits to supporting Barça since he was a child. “I really enjoy Barcelona” he says. “I’ve enjoyed the atmosphere and the stadium every time I’ve been here”.

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