Suárez keeps the game ball from his first Barça hat trick. / MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB

"I’m happy for the goals but especially for the team, which is the most important, because we’re the leaders," said Luis Suarez out on the pitch at the Nuevo Arcángel, moments after getting his first Barça hat-trick and contributing to his team’s 8–0 rout over Córdoba.

Despite winning by such a wide margin, Barça were held scoreless through 40 minutes. "It’s difficult to score at Córdoba, especially in the opening minutes," Suárez said, adding that key was to "have patience because we knew we’d end up scoring."

Suárez continued: "At first I took a bit of time to adapt. But I knew I’d end up scoring goals so, with the support of my friends and family, and knowing that what I had to do was work hard and play as I always have, the goals were going to come," he said.

The Uruguayan also lauded Leo Messi who, despite being in a tight race for the Pichichi, ceded a penalty kick to Neymar. "It was a wonderful gesture that shows how he puts the team and his teammates before himself."

Javier Mascherano

"The final score was wider than what it should have been, based on the game. In the first half we were better but we found it hard to get that goal that would settle us down before the break. In the second half, with two quick goals and them tiring, Córdoba just couldn’t keep up the intensity."

"It wasn’t easy to score. As the minutes ticked by, play was slow and it wasn’t to our advantage. But the team had the right attitude from the very first minute and we dominated in all aspects of the game."

"You have to recognise that the coach has done a great job physically and mentally preparing the whole team because we have all our players available and highly motivated for the home stretch."

"The little things will be key against Bayern. It will be a very evenly matched tie; both teams have similar approaches. It will be great for the fans to watch. What we must do is keep believing that we can win."

"We have to be aware that we haven’t won anything yet. We’re also a a game away from losing all three titles, so it’s our duty to work up until to the final second of the final game of each competition."

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