Luis Enrique led his side to a 5-0 cup win over Elche / PHOTO: VÍCTOR SALGADO - FCB

Luis Enrique was pleased that the team produced such an excellent performance in Thursday’s cup match with Elche, insisting that it is was due to the hard work they have been doing all season, even though the results have not always gone their way. “I think the team was fast and intense” he told his post-match press conference. “They switched position and were careful whenever they lost the ball. We didn’t give our opponents a chance. As far as behaviour and attitude go, they did what they have always been doing.”

And he senses that fans were also impressed by what they saw. “Our supporters have always been confident about us” said the first team manager. “I can see that they have faith in the team because of the attitude they show … I am super-confident that we are ready for the rest of the season and I’m trying to get that confidence across to the team.” He also knows that there is still room for improvement, with some games this season going very much according to plan and others not quite so much. “In most of our games we’ve faced opponents that have played it very tight at the back” he explained. “And that makes it difficult for our players to get comfortable. I don’t know of any team in the world that has been able to play well for 38 matches in a row. Not even the best Barça of all time managed that.”

There was some booing from the crowd during the match, but Luis Enrique played that matter down. “I want to see the support they give to the players in a positive light” he stressed. “It’s the players that need the fans because they are the protagonists. Support from the fans is a basic factor for winning trophies.”

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Generous decision by Bartomeu

The first team manager was also asked for his reaction to president Josep Maria Bartomeu’s announcement that there will be elections at the end of the season. “I think it was very generous of the president and his board” he said. “I hope he turns out to be right and that this brings a bit of calm so that we can be as united as possible in the second half of the season.”

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