Luis Enrique, à Paris / MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB

In the press conference prior to the first leg of the quarter-final Champions League tie between Paris Saint-Germain and Barça, coach Luis Enrique was very clear: “It’s a very open tie.” At the same time the Asturian was ambitious in his approach: “We won’t sit back. The objective is the same as always: to win.” He added: “Seeing the potential of the two teams, it could be a tie with plenty of goals.”

More from Luis Enrique in the press conference in Paris below:

The games in the group stage

“You arrive in Paris and it’s familiar to us to play against them. From the start I have said that PSG are one of the favourites for the title.”

“We are as mature as we were then. That game, the result was not good for us, but we were close to getting a draw, we had chances. It’s a game we can improve upon.”

Players missing from both sides

“It’s obvious that they have players out, but in the group stage Ibrahimovic did not play and they beat us. They are important players for them but they have a good squad and they can still make tricky for us.”

“The absence of Dani Alves doesn’t affect the tie. We will try to do the same and I have complete confidence in the player who comes in.”

Barça’s form

“I like everything about my team, that why we are where we are. We can still improve.”

Luis Enrique sees PSG tie as 'open and attractive' per fcbarcelona
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