Luis Enrique with assistant coach Juan Carlos Unzué at the Ciutat Esportiva on Friday 8 May 2015. / MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB

With only three league games left, the Spanish Cup final and, with a solid showing at the Allianz Arena next Tuesday, a Champions League final in Berlin, FC Barcelona head coach Luis Enrique believes the team are as motivated as ever as they sense the proximity of reaching their objectives. Luis Enrique, on his 45th birthday, says that the focus is on Real Sociedad. "We know what the difficulties are to win on Saturday and that a victory will bring us closer to the league title."

Here are a few of the highlights of what Luis Enrique had to say:

Real Sociedad

"I am certain we have to win the next match. Then we'll see if we need to win them all to win the league. Most teams still have something to play for."

"It is true that the games after an intense Champions League match can be dangerous but being near the end of the league makes this game extremely important to us. The key to winning this league is to get the three points."

The team’s top form

“To score goals and not give up any is key. We need everyone to defend and everyone to attack."

“When the end of the season comes we’ll be able to assess whether we’ve been able to achieve our goals."

The season

"We're fortunate to depend only on ourselves. We hope it stays that way."

"We've got five huge games left, and if we beat Bayern, it'll be six." 

The possible strike

"The desires of the players have to be taken into account. I hope [the strike] doesn't halt league play and the season ends the way it’s supposed to."

Luis Enrique sees his side in top form at the... por fcbarcelona
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