Luis Enrique in Monday's press conference / MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB

Luis Enrique could not have been clearer: he thinks that the tie against Paris Saint-Germain is far from over yet he is optimistic about his team’s chances of making the Champions League semi-final: “I have a good feeling because we know our opponents well, we have met three times this season and in the three games we have seen more positives than negatives.” The coach also highlighted the fact that the team is currently “at their best” physically and “PSG are in the same condition as we are.”

Below we reproduce Luis Enrique's most important statements from Monday’s press conference at the Ciutat Esportiva:

“The result of the first leg is good but it is not definitive. We need to play really well to to get through the tie.”

“The idea is the same as before the first leg: to have the ball. That brings with it putting pressure on our rivals.” “We have to be prepared because there could be a game similar to the first leg or totally different.”

“If our opponents put us under pressure, we have the wherewithal to deal with it. Seeing up to which point our opponents put pressure on us is one of the most exciting aspects of the game.”

“We know that the fans will be there for us because it is a very attractive fixture and that is a guarantee. It’s makes us stronger.”

“Leo comes into the game in good condition, in great form. His 400 goals is a figure that is impossible to repeat.”

“I have only have praise for Luis Suárez’s work. Settling into a new city is always a handicap and every player needs time to adapt.”

Iniesta is available and Mathieu has a knock but he also will be available.”

(The return of Ibrahimovic and Verratti) “In footballing terms is not an issue because PSG will keep playing with the same style, but it will add to their individual quality, since they have a lot of potential.”

“Perhaps we will change the system, but it won’t be a question of one player playing or not, but in function of if we can create problems for our rivals.”

Luis Enrique sees his side in excellent shape por fcbarcelona
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