Luis Enrique's side were victoriuos in Sunday's derby against Espanyol at Camp Nou / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

Barça won its seventh straight game in Sunday's derby against Espanyol after overcoming Sergio García's goal and an early 1-0 deficit at Camp Nou. "The game was quiet until that goal, because they were all back on defence. After we drew even it looked like Espanyol began to doubt itself and things opened up a bit for us," FC Barcelona manager Luis Enrique said after the victory. He made it clear that Messi's tying goal in the final moments of the first half changed everything. "It was key and justice had been done on the field." As for the second half, "we were much more fluid," he said. "When these guys close in on goal, they're lethal," he added.Messi's goal was key and justice had been done on the field He lauded Leo Messi's play not just today, but throughout the season. "He doesn't just score goals. He also throws the other side totally off balance."The match against PSG should be great Moving past the Espanyol match, the team is now focusing on Wednesday's Champions League match with PSG for first place in the group. "We feel really positive after these results. The match against PSG should be great. We're going to compete like we have all season," Luis Enrique explained. In addition, he said: "I expect something similar to what we saw in Paris. I hope they have a tougher time on defence than the first match and that we're the ones deserving of victory."

Luis Enrique: The equalizer was key by fcbarcelona
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