Luis Enrique gives instructions to his players during Barça's 1–0 win over Manchester City. / MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB

Luis Enrique talked after the game about reaching the quarter-finals of the Champions League. Here are the highlights of what he said:

On the final score:

"The score could have been a rout. Hart was incredible but we weren’t really on towards the end."

"We had a lot of chances, which is not normal in this type of game.”

"We deserved to win by a bigger goal difference."

About the game against Manchester City:

"It was a special night, very positive for the team and for the fans."

"We achieved our objective, which was to win the game and move into the next round.”

"When a team like City are down and decide to take risks, and have just three back on defence against a team like ours, we have to close out the game."

"Everything would have been much tougher if Ter Stegen had not stopped the penalty kick."

"I applaud all the players who played and all those who didn’t. It is a day that Barça fans should celebrate."

The Clásico:

"I feel like we’re in good form and in as good a position as we can be, which is in first place.”

Luis Enrique says Barça could have scored many... per
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