Luis Enrique was speaking to the media after beating Córdoba 5-0 / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

Speaking to the press after the 5-0 win against Córdoba, Luis Enrique expressed his pleasure at the way the team is developing. “Of course we can shoot, we’re emphatic and we have players up front who can score goals” he said. “Neither do we concede that many. It’s an interesting cocktail. It might not be enough to put us top of the table, but it’s interesting none the less.”

After seeing out 2014 in such spectacular fashion, he’s positive that things can only get better in the new year. “There is no need for self-mutilation or self-flagellation just because we’re four points behind Madrid if they win their game” he commented. I can’t see anything negative or that I should be worried about.”This break will do us goodThe players will now have a break until December 30. “The rest will do us good” said the FCB manager. “We’ll be coming back with our mental batteries recharged and ready for what we have to come. We’ll be immersed in three different competitions, so there’s a lot to look forward to.”

Taking specifically about today’s game, the Asturian observed that “Córdoba played a very similar way to most of the teams that have come to the Camp Nou. They held back, kept it tight and didn’t generate many chances. It was still close until our second goal and then the game opened up.Montoya is good enough to play in any game because he’s won that rightHe was also asked to explain his decision to start Martín Montoya. “It’s a difficult situation for the players that aren’t getting many games” he said. "Montoya is good enough to play in any game because he’s won that right. When he has played, he’s looked very good to me. In my view, any player can change the situation.”

Luis Enrique also spoke about the fine football that Pedro has displayed in recent matches. “He’s a top performer” he said. “He was finding it hard to get goals early on in the season, but the Pedro we’ve got now is very hard to stop.”

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