Head coach Luis Enrique with assistants Juan Carlos Unzué and Robert Moreno. / MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

After treble-winners FC Barcelona arrived at Camp Nou, coach Luis Enrique Martínez, shielded by "three Cups as shiny as three suns" and cheered by tens of thousands of fans who came to the stadium, had words of thanks for all those present. "We all know that it has been difficult and we had to suffer to get here. We asked to supports us when the chips were down and you delivered. We are very grateful because with you we are stronger and we have proved it," he said.

In addition, the coach wanted to make another appeal, as he did three weeks ago, during the celebration of the league title: "We ask again that you stay close to the team. I hope they'll make history again, because the hunger and ambition of these players knows no limits."

The players' turn

But Luis Enrique was not the only one who took the microphone to address the fans. The coach gave way to the captain who, in his farewell, was the master of ceremonies, and called on his teammates to give some words. Here are the highlights of what they had to say:

Xavi: "We have the treble. I'm going to miss you all a lot."

Iniesta: “I just want to say I'm very proud to form a part of this Club.”

Messi: "You wanted all three, right? Well you've got all three right here!"

Alves: "I'm one of you! Thanks a lot!"

Piqué: “I swear I never thought that this would happen again, but it did!"

Neymar: “I've only got two things to say: visca el Barça and visca Catalunya!”

Sergio: "This team has made history and we want more. We won't stop!" 

Jordi Alba: "Today's the happiest day of my career."

Rakitic: “Impressive. Thanks for making me feel at home.”

Ter Stegen: “It isn't easy for me to speak Spanish so I only want to say I'm very happy to have won the treble. Thanks!"

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