Ludovic Giuly, in his days with both FC Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain. / FCB

"The quarter-final clash will be very different from the group stage. There is much more at stake this time and in football every game is different," said Ludovic Giuly before the big Champions League tie between FC Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain. The first leg is at Parc des Princes on Wednesday. The French ex-forward, who played for both Barça and PSG, praised Luis Enrique's team. "Barça are in great shape, the system works well and the defence is very good when they lose possession of the ball."

Giuly thinks the coming duel is going to be one of the best in this competition and recognises that the game is appealing to master tacticians Luis Enrique and Laurent Blanc. "Both are great coaches and they each use a different system. We'll see two great matches both at Parc des Princes and at Camp Nou. Whoever is better will go on to the semi-finals," he said.

The former Barça player believes that both PSG and FC Barcelona are two of the best squads in the world, but acknowledges that the club has one big advantage — Leo Messi. "All players are important, but Messi plays a bigger role."

Giuly said the biggest moment of his career, without doubt, was when he played for FC Barcelona. "The Champions League title with Barça was the most exciting. It was the most important title that I won and, in addition, we did it in Paris, in my country."

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