Ludovic Giuly attended the FC Barcelona Museum's 30th anniversary and posed with the trophy he won with the Club in 2006

Ludovic Giuly won the Champions League with Barça in Paris in 2006 - PHOTO: VICTOR SALGADO-FCB

Former Barça attacker Ludovic Giuly visited the FC Barcelona Museum and received a commemorative jersey in honour of the Museum's 30th anniversary. He took a guided tour and had his picture taken with the Champions League trophy that he won with Barça in Paris in 2006. The Frenchman played for FC Barcelona for three seasons (2004-2007), winning La Liga twice, the Spanish Super Cup twice, and the aforementioned Champions League.

Giuly has fond memories of his years in Barcelona, and talked about what it was like playing next to Leo Messi and revealing that he was certain Messi would go far: “Leo was just so good both in training as well as the matches that I was totally convinced, I would have sat myself on the bench in a lot of matches so he could play more." Messi has things that other players don't have, he's unbelievable, the best in the world

“Messi has things that other players don't have, he's a superstar, with natural ability, he's an unbelievable player, the best in the world, and I knew it 10 years ago when I was here."

Giuly recalled that Messi couldn't play in the final in Paris due to injury, divulging that "the entire team supported him; we knew he was very young and had a bright future, and it was true. He has played in two Champions League finals and won them both. He has more titles than me."

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