Leo Messi took a moment to thank the fans at Camp Nou after breaking the record / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB

It sure was a special night for Leo Messi as he surpassed Telmo Zarra to become the all-time La Liga scoring leader and led the way in Barça's pummeling of Sevilla. He received an ovation from the crowd and was tossed into the air by his teammates on what will forever be an unforgettable night.

Hat trick and dedication

From the start, this game had Messi written all over it. His sensational direct kick after being fouled gave Barça a 1-0 lead. When public address man Manel Vich announced the record-tying goal, Camo Nou broke into a frenzy.

But the best was yet to come. Messi's 71st minute goal to break the record was again relayed by Vich, as Leo's teammates tossed him skyward. On his way back to midfield after the goal, he stopped in front of the cameras to dedicate the record to his son Thiago. "I love you," he said after taking his thumb out of his mouth, mimicking a pacifier.

There are no limits with Messi and, in the 77th minute, he got the hat trick. But with the record already broken, Vich did not announce this one. Leo just went right back to playing.

Video, passadís and lots of smiles

The night ended with Messi being held up high once again, followed by a highlight video shown on the Camp Nou scoreboard. The whole team stood at midfield with their gazes fixed on the images being shown above. Messi couldn't do anything to hide his jubilation.

He left the field while giving thanks to his supporters. And his teammates gave him one last thing: a guard of honour to be etched into the history books.

Barça congratulate Messi on breaking the record... per fcbarcelona

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