Messi has never scored such a high percentage of goals (37%) with his right foot / FCB

Leo Messi has never been so two-footed. This season, 12 of his 32 goals have been scored with his supposedly weaker foot. That’s already more than his previous best, ten in the 2009/10 season, and there are still four months of the campaign left to play.

His first right-footed goal of the current season came away to Levante. He has since repeated the trick against Granada, Sevilla, APOEL, Espanyol, PSG, Cordoba and Villarreal. Especially memorable moments were his hat-trick in Nicosia and braces against Espanyol and Cordoba.

Oddly enough, ten of the twelve goals were scored in the second half of matches, and eight of them at the Camp Nou.  

Leo Messi has scored a total of 386 goals for Barça. Of those, 61, in other words a relatively low percentage of 16%, were scored with his right foot. But this year the figure has risen to 37%, which clearly shows that this is an aspect of his game that he has been working to wonderful effect.

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The Argentinian‘s right-footed goals

12 goals 2014/15
5 goals 2013/14
7 goals 2012/13
8 goals 2011/12
7 goals 2010/11
10 goals 2009/10
7 goals 2008/09
1 goal 2007/08
3 goals 2006/07
1 goal 2005/06

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