Jordi Alba scored the game winner on a wonderful assist from Luis Suárez / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB

One of Saturday's key players was Jordi Alba, the left back whose late goal on an assist from Luis Suarez gave Barça the win. "I'm not the hero, we won because of teamwork. They were better than us in the first half. It was tough, but we came out swinging after the half and tried to turn it around," he explained.

Barça really had to work hard to win this one because, according to Alba, they "didn't move the ball around so well. Almería did damage on the counterattack, and that's how they scored. They made us battle uphill a bit, but we had some good chances and some nice crosses. In the end we got a really big win."

One interesting side note to this season has been the lack of a set lineup. “The coach decides, he's doing great work. Everyone is getting plenty of minutes, which is keeps everyone alert," Alba said.

Alba also opined on Luis Suárez's role. “He made a great pass to Neymar for the first goal. Later, he found me all alone in front of the keeper. Suarez played a great game, he's adapted well, and he's really important for us."

Before he finished, Alba stressed the league's strength this year. “Any team can make our life tough, we've seen it a few times already," he concluded.

Declarations from other FC Barcelona players:

Claudio Bravo

“It was tough to get on the board, but we're leaving happy."

“You can't always play great, but it's good to play in these types of games that you can't dominate, that's not so bad."

“Of course Suárez played a big role. So did Neymar and Xavi. They gave us life, but so did the starters."

“We had some setbacks at Bernabeu and at home, the Champions League went well, a bit less so today."

Marc Bartra

“Sure we're happy for the win; it was big."

“We aren't having as much luck as before but the important thing is we're getting chances and opportunities to win."

“All the games are important, even more so way from home."

“What's really important is that we keep improving. We're defending more and keeping up the pressure, just what we want to do."


“We had chances that we couldn't finish, but we kept believing until the goals came."

“We know Suárez is one of the best in the world and we're lucky to have him on our team. He played great."

“We know this year is going to be tough, that there are strong teams that won't give up. We just have to keep working hard and fight for the three points every time out."

“I'm good, glad to get the minutes and help the team."

Players react against Almeria by fcbarcelona

Tuesday, training at 11.00 AM CET

The team's next training session will be closed-door on Tuesday at 11.00 AM CET at the Ciutat Esportiva. There will not be a press conference.

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