Rakitic scores Barça's first goal at the Nuevo Arcángel in Córdoba. / MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

Patience. Despite being superior throughout the match, FC Barcelona scored the game’s first goal on 41 minutes and continued to try and get more. They didn’t lose their patience and kept working hard until they could open the scoring.

Rakitic the Icebreaker. Despite having difficulty in finding the net against a Córdoba side with their backs against the wall, Ivan Rakitic’s goal allowed the team to open the scoring before the break, forcing the hosts to open things up in the search for a goal of their own.

Marvellous Messi. The Argentinian was all over the place, changing the pace, and creating a nightmare for the Córdoba defence. During the first half, has found Rakitic on the first Barça goal with a marvellous cross. After the half, Messi scored twice in the 46th and 79th minutes.

Hat trick for Suárez. The Uruguayan in in top form, getting his 15th goal of the season along with a hat trick versus Córdoba. The first was the biggest, giving Barça a two-goal cushion just before halftime.

Suffocating pressure. FC Barcelona didn’t take their foot off the gas at any time, equalling their biggest road win with a convincing 8–0 victory. The team’s intensity led to big Córdoba errors. Rakitic, Suarez (3), Messi (2), Piqué, and Neymar all scored.

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