Luis Suárez is one of the stars of the great new video

The music kicks in as Leo Messi climbs the stairs out of the tunnel and onto the Camp Nou pitch. Iniesta walks in slow motion as Sergio Busquets contemplates the empty terraces in the stadium, and a voiceover announces that “there's no such thing as an impossible dream, for someone who's not afraid to fight for it”.

Rafinha, with his back to the camera, sees the words ‘més que un club’ written in the stands, and as Neymar appears, we are told that “having big dreams makes you better.” Next up is Luis Suárez, who slowly lifts himself up to the words “achieving them … makes you … unique!”

That’s the latest FC Barcelona promo for the start of the 2014/15 season, which has only just started but has already seen the Barça faithful’s hopes restored with a new-look team in search of fresh horizons.

Following a series of images of the team in action and some spectacular goals, Luis Enrique appears for the final sequence, in which the slogan is revealed: ‘Eveything starts again’.

The one-minute video has been made in Catalan, Spanish and English and the aim is for it to go viral on social networks around the world. There is a shorter 20 second version for use on television networks this week.

Barça are living up to these high expectations. With six points out of six, they’re already on top of the Liga table, and playing the same beautiful football that has wowed the world in recent years.

Everything starts again por fcbarcelona
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