Juventus and Barça fans are bonding in Berlin / CRISTINA GONZÁLEZ-FCB

Barça’s colours are present all over Berlin as the fans gather for the Champions League Final against Juventus. Some 4,000 supporters were already in the city on Friday and a further 10,000 are expected to join them on Saturday.

As always for such games, UEFA has organised special zones for the fans, and the area set aside for Barça supporters is close to the famous zoo (Kaiser Wilhem Gedachtnis Kirche), while the Juve Fan Zone is in Alexanderplatz.

Other than the Olympiastadion itself, another of the gathering points has been the emblematic Brandenburg Gate, the venue from Thursday to Sunday of the UEFA Champions Festival, where all kinds of different activities are taking place. On Saturday, for example, it was visited by José Edmílson, a member of the winning FCB team at Paris 2006.

There have been absolutely no problems between the two rival sets of supporters. The atmosphere has involved nothing but joviality and bonding between the Barça and Juventus supporters on a beautiful day in Berlin.

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