Saúl Berjón will come up against his former club / FCB

After seven defeats in a row, is this the worst or the best moment for Barça to visit Ipurua?

“It’s not the worst nor the best. It’s just the moment. We know that it will be difficult to bring Barça down, They are one of the best teams in the world and now they are league leaders and in great form. But, we will try and we can choose any other time.”

What has changed in the last few months for Eibar to drop from eighth to 14th position?

“Things are going for us. The team are working hard with great enthusiasm and desire to end this run of defeats. Perhaps we just need a little bit of luck.”

At Camp Nou you managed to hold out for 60 minutes. Do you expect a similar game in Ipurua?

“Without doubt it will be a game like those that the majority of teams play against Barça. We will try to keep our shape well and try to hit them on the counter-attack. Getting more of the ball than Barça is impossible, that would be suicide on our part.”

Is there no other formula to hurt Barça?

“They are one of the best teams in the world. We will try to use our own weapons, which are the counter-attack and set pieces.”

How do Barça look to you?

“I think they are doing well. It’s true that they had a few setbacks a few months ago but they recovered well and now they are playing as well as ever or perhaps even better. The chance to go top has given them even more strength.”

Barça travel to Ipurua without several key players and with big games against Manchester City and Real Madrid on the horizon. Could that be a factor?

“I don’t know but the more Barça players missing the better for us. Let’s hope they are more focused on their games against City and Real Madrid, but I am afraid that won’t happen. There is a lot at stake against us and I don’t think that we will have the fortune of them being distracted.”

Let’s hope they are more focused on their games against City and Real Madrid, but I am afraid that won’t happen

Would you be happy with a draw?

“I am someone who is always anxious and eager to win. When I go out to play, it’s to win. Being realistic though, you can’t deny that a draw against Barça would not be bad.”

When you were at Barça B you had Luis Enrique as coach. How would you describe him?

“I have always said that he is the best coach I have ever had. He was great on a personal level and I learnt a lot tactically. He is a very complete coach and I have great memories of my year in Barcelona.”

Will it be special to meet up with Bartra, Montoya, Rafinha and Sergi Roberto, ex-team mates at Barça B?

“Yes. of course. I had a great year with them and seeing them always brightens up your day. Even though they are FC Barcelona players, they are just normal, nice guys. I am still in contact with them.”

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