Dunga has paid a visit to this Tuesday to FC Barcelona’s training session. The Brazil coach spoke to Barça TV, describing Neymar as “a fantastic player and very competitive.”  He considers the striker to be really at home at Barça: “He is really comfortable in Barcelona. The Barça philosophy is close to that of Brazil, both in atmosphere and working methods.”

Aside from Neymar, whom he has worked with over the last week in his role as coach of the ‘canarinha’, Dunga also commented on the current situations of Barça’s other Brazilian players: “Alves and Adriano have been in Spain in a long time, whilst Douglas is still settling in.”

He also touched on Barça’s current form: “They are in good shape. They started a good run and now they have four points and they have put in some excellent performances. It is a very competitive team.”

The Brazil national team boss also highlighted the quality of the training session he attended and the quality of the Club’s facilities: “It has been really good. FC Barcelona has great quality and great players. The atmosphere is relaxed to work in and the players can do so in the best conditions.”

Dunga also explained that he tries to be a national coach who is close to his players. He also thanked the Club for releasing players for the recent international matches.

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