Denis Suárez during an interview / PHOTO: FCB ARCHIVE

This Saturday Denis Suárez will play for the very first time at Camp Nou, not as a Barça player, but with Sevilla where he is on loan from the blaugranes for this season and the next. In an interview with fcbarcelona.com the young midfielder talks of his current good form with the Andalusian side, the demands of coach Unai Emery and his opinion of Luis Enrique’s Barça side.

You have been at Sevilla for a few months now. How are you settling in?

“Very well, I like it. I am having plenty of playing time. It’s true that as clubs and cities they are different but I know here at Sevilla I will continue to grow as a player.”

In four years you have been at Celta B, Manchester City, Barça B and Sevilla. What have you learnt in this short but busy career so far?

“A lot, not just in footballing terms, but also as a person. In Barcelona it was the first time that I had lived with my partner and also I am someone who likes to travel and get to know new places, I adapt well.”

You are thought of as one of the surprises of the League so far. Did you imagine your first campaign in the First Division would be like this?

“I came to Sevilla with a great ambition to play and for things to go well. At the moment, fortunately, things are turning out well. I am playing regularly.”

I am someone who likes to travel and get to know new places, I adapt well

What’s it like at Sevilla at the moment after the good start to the season?

“The fans are happy. Aside from the league we are still in the Cup and we are top of our group in the Europa League. The season is going well up to now.”

Ivan Rakitic was saying that Barça and Sevilla’s footballing ideas were similar. Do you agree?

“At Sevilla perhaps we don’t have the ball as much and we look to make the transition from defence to attack quicker. At home it is true that we try to control the game, take the game to our opponents, it’s an approach I like.”

What does Unai Emery ask of you?

“Movement between midfield and attack and to defend – I am getting stronger defensively in the physical aspect.”

What is your impression of Barça this season from a distance?

“They started the season very well but then came a couple of setbacks. But they are doing badly at all, they are second in the league. I am convinced that as the best team in the world, they will pick themselves up and they will be in the hunt for trophies.”

 Saturday will be your first game at Camp Nou.

“I am really looking to it, I am really excited. Camp Nou is a very impressive ground.”

How do you see the game going?

“I think Barça will have the ball. It’s difficult to get it back. We will try to hurt them using our strengths, moving quickly from defence to attack  and defending tightly so they connect play balls inside, something Barça do very well.”

I always look at everything Andrés Iniesta does. I hope he can play on Saturday

Have you spoken to Gerard Deulofeu about the Barça-Sevilla game?

“Yes, we have talked about it. Both of us are looking forward to it very much.”

Andrés Iniesta is one of your footballing role models.

“Yes, he is. I always look at everything he does. I hope he can play on Saturday, that will mean that he is fully recovered and he is fit.”

You were at the Mini Stadium a few days ago. What do you think of Barça B this season?

“They have a very young side, even younger than last season. They began very well but recently they have had a run of games when results have not gone their way. Last season we had a difficult spell running up to Christmas but after that we improved.”

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