Claudio Bravo credits a team-wide defensive effort as key to his shut out record / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

Claudio Bravo continues to keep the Barça net under lock and key, extending his record shut out streak in La Liga to 720 minutes. After Saturday evening's victory over Eibar, Bravo was a guest on Barça TV's "El Marcador," where he talked about the importance of continuing to move forward. "The thing that makes me happiest is winning, although I'm not completely ignoring the shutout streak," he said. "My job is to keep the other team from scoring. Eibar almost got one tonight but we won a tough match." I'm extremely grateful when an attacker comes back on defence

Above all he wanted to thank everyone who has helped out on defence, one of the main reasons why Barça have yet to concede a goal in La Liga. “I'm extremely grateful when an attacker comes back on defence. I think the whole team deserve credit," he admitted.

Playing against teams like Eibar, who sit back on defence, is no easy task. Bravo offered his strategy on how to take them on. "We've got to be patient and move the ball around, which is exactly what we did to create scoring chances." He said that the team need to sit down and take a really close look at these types of matches since virtually every team who come to the Camp Nou play that way.

In talking about his own situation, Bravo recognised that he has had to adapt to the team and the style of play. He said it was quite different then last year, when he played for Real Sociedad, because now there is a lot less action and he has to be ready for chances that come with far less frequency.

Barça's next two opponents are Ajax, on Tuesday, and Real Madrid, on Saturday. Bravo knows that they represent a couple of big challenges, but believes that "we are making a big mistake if we look past our Champions League opponent and start thinking prematurely about El Clasico."

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