Bartra was among the players at the evening session. PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB.

Barça’s trip to Birmingham is drawing to a close. And although the week started with brilliant sunshine, the weather on Thursday was just as typical of a summer day in the UK. The temperatures were perfect, but the skies were overcast. However, despite quite a heavy downpour in the afternoon, by the time of the second training session, they were playing under a mixture of sunshine and drizzle.

However, such unpredictability is no problem for the FC Barcelona staff. The materials managers know how changeable the weather can be in the UK, and that’s why they’ve brought 500 kilograms of kit with them, including 200 training uniforms.

And rain or shine, the players can always be guaranteed to put everything they can into their training. After a rest on Wednesday evening, on Thursday it was back to double sessions involving the 25 players that Luis Enrique has taken on the trip. One of those, Gerard Piqué, gave a press conference at midday to give the media a better idea of how things are progressing.

The day’s work primarily focused on skills and tactics, but there was also room for fun, including a kind of dodgeball game during the warm-up that produced plenty of laughter.

There are two further sessions programmed for Friday, the squad’s final day at St George’s Park, including another press conference from one of the players shortly after the conclusion of the morning workout.

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