The Bayern fans filled the Allianz Arena for the game against Augsburg on Saturday / EDUARD GANGOSO

Bayern’s defeat to Augsburg was the fourth game on the run which Pep Guardiola’s side have failed to win and even though the team have already claimed the Bundesliga title, the fans are beginning to doubt ahead of Barça’s visit: “we haven’t lost hope and we believe in our team. I think we can compete at home, but it’s hard to think that Barça won’t score and if they do, well the fightback is really impossible”, explained one fan at the Allianz Arena, adding,: "Messi, Neymar and Luis Suárez have a lot of quality and we’ll have to stop them if we want to have any home of reaching the final”.

Leo Messi is generally accepted by the Bayern fans as the biggest danger: “he’s the best player of all time” according to one fan, who echoed Guardiola’s opinion “if he’s on form, it’s impossible to stop him”. The fans seem clear on what’s needed to win on Tuesday though: “if we can avoid giving them chances and recover our sharpness up front we could be dangerous, though we know how tough it’s going to be”.

"A bitter sweet taste"

Any doubts about Tuesday are quickly put aside when the fans look back on the season as a whole though: “we’ve had a lot of injuries and that has meant we haven’t been as competitive as we would have liked, but the players have always given everything and we are proud of that . We’ve improved the way we play under Pep and evolved our style of play, but going out in the semi-finals of the Cup to Borussia Dortmund and the chance we lose to Barça now will leave a bitter sweet taste, but we have to keep our faith in this team”.

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