Possession stats for FCB-Atlético in the Spanish Cup

In this review of the Spanish Cup quarter-final first leg between Barça and Atlético we can see who tackled most, who made the most passes and who was able to make the most key passes? Discover where the game was really played – in Barça’s half or in Atlético’s half? Down the middle, the left flank or the right flank? Statistical information is an increasingly key tool in understanding the modern game and you can find it all right here at fcbarcelona.com

Who had more of the ball?

Which side committed most fouls?

Check out the answers with the game statistics

Barça did most of the attacking and Atlético had to defend but..

Down which flank did Barça do most attacking?

Which side put in more crosses?

It's all in the match and team statisitics

And what about the players…?

Which player had the most shots?

Which Barça defender made the most tackles?

Take a good look at the individual player statistics and chalkboard

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