150 victories

The 3-1 win against Paris Saint Germain was number 150 for Barça in Europe’s premier club football competition. Only Real Madrid and Bayern Munich can boast better records, while the next teams on the list after the Blaugrana are Manchester United, AC Milan, Juventus, Benfica, Liverpool, Porto and Dynamo Kiev.

The club’s first triumph dates back to the September 23, 1959, when they won in the old European Cup format against CDNA Sofia (6-2).

From 1955 to 1990, Barça only played in four editions of the tournament (1959/60, 1960/61, 1974/75 and 1985/86). It was not until the nineties and particularly following the introduction of the expanded format that Barça became regular participants, and started enjoying the kind of success that made them one of the leading clubs Europe.

Barça records

It really has been an extraordinary two decades for Barça since finally winning the trophy for the first time in 1992. Indeed, Xavi Hernández is now the player with the most appearances in the Champions League (152) and his team-mate Leo Messi recently set a new record for goals in the competition (75).

Barça also hold the record for the longest winning streak in the UCL. In the 2002/03 season under Louis Van Gaal first and Radomir Antic second, they recorded incredible eleven victories in a row in the two group stages that campaign.

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