Leo Messi scored the go-ahead goal at Etihad Stadium in the first leg and he did it again this Wednesday at the Camp Nou. After the match the forward highlighted “how the team played and the impression the team left,” and that “we are once again the Barça we want to be.”

The FC Barcelona forward went on to say that team’s performance “has nothing to do with the matches we didn’t win. We are always the first to self-criticize and we known that we didn’t do the things we were supposed to do. La Liga isn’t lost because there’s still a lot left. We know when we do things well or poorly,” he said.

The following is a selection of statements made by some of the players after the game:

Xavi Hernández:

“This is the Champions League and we known that at times we’re going to have a hard time.”

“I believe that we dominated the match, the sensations are good and the objective was to reach the quarter-finals - here we are, pleased with our victory.”

“Our rivals also play, but we tried to have the ball and play our football.”

“The manager is the one who decides how to play, and we have a big team and we’re playing well. We’ve recovered our form.”

“The fans were sensational and the atmosphere was extraordinary.”

Dani Alves:

“We’re very happy to go on to the next round. When things aren’t going well it’s normal for there to be criticisms.”

“Besides the goal I’m happy with how the team played, we always respond. There only one path to follow. We had a slip, but we’re moving forward.”

(On the fans) “If we’re all together, we’re stronger. We are Barça and we have to defend (this shirt) to the death.”

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