Jorge Pautasso talked to the press after this evening’s match against Almería in Tata Martino’s place. “The first half was impeccable, we constantly created chances, and we did well to recovered possession. We had 10 clear chances to score, but in the second half we lacked depth, despite having the ball. In the end, however, we closed out the game. The goal margin we won by is justified,” said the assistant manager.

Pautasso went on to praise Barça’s captain, who completed the entirety of the match and scored a goal: “Puyol has a lot of playing time left, he has a lot of authority. Every time he plays he gives us answers, he’s always there to help the team and he’s an example for us all.” He added: “We created great goalscoring chances but we still need to capitalise on them. The most important thing is that we managed to create chances.”

Finally, Pautasso talked about Barça’s trouble with defending set pieces: “We are a short team and that makes aerial plays difficult for us. In some situations we use a zone marking system, in other we mark man to man – our rivals take advantage when they get set pieces. We will try to improve in this regard and we will try to avoid conceding risky free kicks and corners.” He concluded by saying, “the fans cheer the team on and that always helps us.”

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