Simeone / PHOTO: G. PARGA - FCB

In today’s pre-match press conference, Diego Pablo Simeone said that Atlético Madrid will go up against “a very important team” and that one of his best players, Diego Costa, is available to play. “If he’s fit, he’ll play; he’s just doing ok, he’ll be on the bench; if he’s not well, he won’t be on the bench at all. There are three possibilities,” explained the manager.

When asked about the game, Simeone commented that “beyond the fax that we have a small advantage given the 1-1, Barça will not change its style of play. They always try to score and dominate the game. We can’t forget that they scored four goals at the Bernabéu. They are used to the pressure.”

The Atlético Madrid manager then went on to talk about the different styles both teams use: “Each team has its own weapons. They will try to win through their quality, through possession, we’ll look for spaces, and try to counterattack. It’s now of the best games you can see in the Champions League.” 

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